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Coalition Coffee Co. is based in North Dallas, TX and offers hand-crafted specialty coffee & tea beverages on the go with our full-service coffee trailer. Give us a call and we'll bring the coffee trailer to your wedding venue, office party, or community event. 

What's the Mission? A great cup of coffee is literally magic in a cup. What makes it magic isn't just the aroma and flavor, but the long and beautiful journey that the beans go on to reach your cup. Our mission is to create deep and valuable relationships all along the coffee journey and because Coalition is owned by a non-profit organization, we're free to invest 100% of our profits back into the individuals and communities that bring the coffee to your cup. 

Coalition isn't just a name, it's our mission - to partner together with like-minded individuals to better love and serve everyone along the coffee journey.



Upcoming Events

Friday November 3 | Celina's Friday Night Market | 6-9 pm

Saturday November 4 | Phillips Creek Ranch | 7-10 am


(469) 850-2622



Have you ever found yourself saying, "You know what would make this SO much better?! .... coffee!!" only to realize that you have no idea how to whip up 200 lattes in a few hours? Well, fret no more!

The Coalition Coffee Trailer is a full-service mobile coffee bar that serves hand-crafted beverages with only the finest ingredients. Let us introduce your family and friends to magic in a cup at your wedding, party, or corporate event. Our goal is to make your special event even more amazing by serving delicious beverages to your guests that'll get the party going or keep it going strong all night long! Keep it simple and let us serve your guests some drinks or dress it all the way up with our fully customizable trailer options, menu of beverages, and baked sweets & treats, it's up to you!

If you'd like to schedule an event, give us a call at (469) 850-2622, or request online with the form below.

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If you're interested in having Coalition Coffee Co. at your upcoming event, please fill out the following form and we'll be in touch faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind! 

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We'll update this map as we move around North Dallas so check here to find out where we're at!